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Compact Array
If you would like to select a line array system of powerful, clean and clear, balanced in different frequency and of high cost performance, then you can embrace Munson Compact Line Array speaker CL212 without a slight hesitation. Powered by Double 12” and double 2” driver. Simple but compact design with grace look. CL212 reflects also the Munson spirit of humanization - It owns 3 Output Modes (full-range, bi-amp & External X'over). To cater for the users to the greatest extend, its FULL-RANGE work mode is for economy application. Its BI-AMP mode is for demanding users in sound quality. Still, CL212 provides a mode of using the users’ private EXTERNAL X’OVER, which allows users greater degree to take out the potential of CL212. The said 3 working modes can be chosen by a selector at rear panel. CL212 makes you simply and easily get a complete line array system by adding any Munson’s double 18” subwoofers.