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uTour Array
From the birth of the first computer ENIAC in the world to current in-fashion iPad, iPhone, people – as a matter of fact, the whole human history can not be out of this track – production instrument or living facilities have been developing from rough to smooth, big to compact, heavy to light, slow to speedy. The needs and demand of people rule this pursue, on the contrary, following that is the embodiment of Concept of People-Oriented. As it should be, Audio Munson is an out-and-out practicer of Concept of People-Oriented. From System TenK Array to uTour Array, from System Ridge Array to MiniMac, and then to 3S System to be launched, none is not following path from complicated to simple and with such a wish: no matter when a perfect sound is to be delivered, we are provident and compassionate to all the hard work of audio technicians and installers when using the system. Besides to make system work perfect in sound quality, Munson engineer are racking their brains and consider to make operators job easy and convenient, which leads to a possibility that when there is a concert or a show, the sound engineers and support crew can enjoy the event like a player. The basis to achieve the aforesaid is: advanced technology applied, scientific design, compact in size and light in weight, saving manpower, quick installation and easy operation. Audio Munson is exactly this kind of caring the users’ feeling from A to Z. Without sharing the happy feeling, even The God-made system has a flaw. uTour (UT3), implies that You Can Be A Touring Expert. uTour (UT3) is suitable for touring, theatre, stadium or club applications. It is a compact, high power, high bass impact 3-way (tri-amp) scalable line array enclosure. Tailor-made high efficiency transducers are composed by 12” x 1 + 6.5” x 2 + 1.5” x 3. uTour (UT3) is a wide bandwidth system and maybe used without subwoofer in many applications. Equipped with real line-source horn, seamless coupling between enclosures, variable splay angles from 0 degree to 7.5 degree. Features sophisticated positioning, delicate vocal reproduction, superb sound quality.